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Filters are available directly on the networks.


Develop interaction between your products and your community.

Immersive experience

Take your audience to another world.

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Boost your sales by offering a virtual trial.


Boost your community's engagement.

We offer several services
for your social networks.

Fun Filter
Playful 2D filters applying to the face, it can be an animated background, a texture or gif integration.
This filter will be perfect for promoting an event, a place or a brand.
3d filter
3D filters presenting objects in space or on a face (such as a pair of glasses for example) thanks to facial recognition.
Ideal for a "drive-to-store" approach where the customer will already have an idea of the rendering of the product to go to the store.
Scan & Play
“Scan and Play” filters that allow you to create an animation when you pass over a surface.
Creates an experience valuation for your brand and consideration.
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Social networks
in a few numbers

Here are the results obtained by the Médiamétrie organization on the use of social networks and websites by the French (September 2019)

Number of users

Facebook: 48 million unique visitors per month, and 31.9 million per day
Instagram: 31.7 million unique visits per month, and 13 million per day

Duration of use

The French spent an average of 82 minutes per day consulting websites and applications on mobile, 31 minutes on desktop.

The winning mobile

91% of users access networks via their mobile (source: Lyfemarketing 2019)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of creating a filter for my brand?

The creation of a filter will offer the possibility to your subscribers to discover your new products or events and to share it with their network, they will therefore become ambassadors of your brand.

What are the different types of filters that can be made?

There are 2 main categories of filters, the “classic” in 2D and the more “complex” in 3D. The classics will be additions of animations or textures on the face or in the background, and the 3D filters will make it possible to create interactive experiences of augmented reality such as the possibility of trying on glasses, furniture, jewelry ...

How long does it take to create your filter?

The creation of your filter will obviously depend on its complexity, it will take approximately 10 to 30 days. Once the filter has been created, you must add a validation period from Facebook or Instagram which can take about a week to 10 days.

How are the filters designed?

The filters are made using Spark AR software, developed by Facebook for the Facebook and Instagram platforms. We also use software for 3D modeling such as Cinema 4D and Blender.

Can I measure the audience of my filter?

You will of course have access to several essential information for monitoring your filters: the number of people who will have used the filter, the number of shares, the time of use.

What is augmented reality?

The Augmented reality is a powerful tool for realistically embedding virtual objects in the real world. This innovative technology creates an immersive experience.